Test Shoot on a hot July day. What to feed the crew?

THE IDEAL LUNCH PARTNER: Chilled Sweet Pea soup with crumbled goat cheese

SWEET PEA SOUP: Saute half a cup of finely diced white onion, and 2 sticks of finely diced celery in a pan with a knob of unsalted butter. Add 1 teaspoon of freshly ground pepper and 1 teaspoon of kosher salt. Add to the pan 1 teaspoon of bottled capers with a splash of their juice as well. Put mixture in food processor. Add to the processor a quarter cup of chopped fresh mint leaves, 1 packet of *frozen garden peas (preferably organic) and 2 cups of chicken stock slowly in as you grind. *Note the frozen peas will crackle when you grind them. Using the pack of frozen peas makes the soup instantly cold, but if you would rather use fresh shelled peas go for it, the soup will require refridgeration though to get it chilled. Add a half teaspoon more of ground pepper (or to taste). Pour the mixture through a fine meshed sieve. Add back some of the leftover pea pulp to make the soup more plentiful, rustic and to add texture. (I add about a quarter of the pulp back in at the end).

The rest of the pulp I mix with soft goats cheese and spread on grilled Stirato bread, (the best is from Grandaisy bakery, http://www.grandaisybakery.com/)  bruschetta style, with a good squeeze of oil olive and lemon. It makes a great second dish by using up the leftover pea pulp and a nice appetizer or snack (or for me, dinner!) with a good chilled summer white wine.

The leftover Pea 'pulp' mixed with goat cheese

A SECOND DISH: Sweet Pea crostini. Photo's by David Malosh (www.davidmalosh.com)


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