lamb chops (and slow roasted summer tomatoes)

Hurricane Earl is apparently coming to town with promised storms, winds and possibly cooler temperatures. I decide this gives me license to turn on the oven for the first time this Summer and start roasting. I decide to do Lamb chops with tomatoes. Succulent lamb chops are grass fed and locally sourced from Pennsylvania (I got them at Marlow and Daughters, here in Brooklyn) and serve them with local market cherry tomatoes that I roast slow and low with a good drench of sea salt and olive oil  for 105 minutes at 325 until caramelized which brings out their natural sweetness. They’re quickly jarred after roasting -layered deep with olive oil. Later I whisk the tomatoes into a heavy garlic aioli, and slather them heavy and thick over the top of the briskly grilled but pinkishly rare lamb chops. They’re delicious. 
Jarred and ready

One thought on “lamb chops (and slow roasted summer tomatoes)

  1. I like those Toms……have amass of them will do the same ….theyll be here for your next visit….to cook up astorm……get on with this site it is GREAT BLOG

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