Omelette for Claire

Oozing and gooey and effortlessly simple: the omelette is so incredibly easy to make, I don’t know why pages of recipe books have been devoted to it’s complexity. But first, a word about my friend Claire. Claire is an incredible celebrity booker who I’ve worked with over 8 years. She’s booked some of the best covers I’ve ever worked on. (Brooke Shields, Faith Hill, and Giada de Laurentiis included) She’s also one of those wonderful people that take the weather with her. She’s brilliantly sunny, even while all those around her might be full of gloom. Today Claire can’t decide whether to walk over the bridge to my apartment, or take the J train. She’s bringing with her a cool set of eye glasses she wants me to have, and in lieu; I’m cooking her an omelette. 
Omelette stuffed with goats cheese. Put sticky nuggets of local NY goats cheese inside an eggy mixture. Melt till tender and gooey.  

OMELETTE STUFFED WITH GOATS CHEESE: Crack 4 eggs in a bowl, add 4 tablespoons of tap watersalt and pepper and whisk. Put butter or french walnut oil in a medium pan and add the egg mixture to the middle of the pan so it spreads out evenly to the outer sides. Let sit for one minute. Don’t stir. Put sticky nuggets of local NY goats cheese on one side of the pan, let the cheese sit and cook for a bit and then relax, (it’s just an omelette!) When the egg mixture still looks runny and not yet cooked through, fold over one side to the other side, covering the cheese nuggets and slide off onto a plate and voila! Tip: Don’t over cook, take the omelette off when it’s just nearly cooked through, and not yet hard. It will continue to cook while it rests.

I used goats cheese from Painted Goat Farm, NY. Which I got at the New Amsterdam market.


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