St Nicholas Day Feast

The invitation read to “Please bring wine, a clean sock, (that would be returned at the end of the evening) and the option to wear something blue, violet or turquoise…”

Cooked and concepted by Food stylist Adrienne Anderson

Cocktail: Polecat
(Tea-infused peach syrup, bourbon, peche lambic)
Spiced Nuts
(Pecan and almonds toasted with cumin, cayenne, ginger)
Roasted Poblano Cream Soup
(Roast bluepoints with shallot, cream, greens with mignonette)
Smoked Cheddar Tamales
Pernil-style Pork Rib Roast
Red Cabbage sauteed with Apples and Fennel
Pumpkin Farce 
(Kabocha with Cornbread Stuffing)
Plate of Pickled Baby Beets
Passionfruit Fool
Juniper flan 
(Cream caramel with Juniper berries)



Smoked Cheddar Tamale, opened.
Stuffed Quail Eggs, Spiced nuts and our socks, hanging by the ‘fireside’ ie. An array of bright candles.
Red Cabbage with Apples and Fennel
One of the guests, who just finished touring with a band, made a neat guitar out of the final chop
Smoked Cheddar Tamale. The cook made a nod to her Texas roots with her choice of menu.
Clever and bright idea. Use a kettle to heat up soup and then pour it elegantly and easily tableside
Pumpkin Farce, the kobucha is stuffed with a cornbread mixture.
Oysters, roasted on the half shell with shallots, cream, greens and mignonette


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