The 2 year old Dried Fruit Mince-Cooked!

Due to either negligence, or absentmindedness (or possibly a combination of both) I ended up leaving the dried fruit mixture soaking in alcohol, on my kitchen counter for… (cough) …over 2 years. My mum, who showed up twice during this 2 year period, stuck an educated finger in it, pronounced it ‘good but dry’, and poured another bottle of plonk into it then left it well enough alone.
The finished product: Today we finally cooked up the 2 year old mince into mini rolls. Almost like ‘Aussie style’ sausage rolls but made out of the fruit mince. How do they taste? Surprisingly good! Especially dipped in hot brandied custard. 
Merry little mince pies. One missing because we ate one. (We’ll report back if we end up in hospital!) Merry Christmas to all!

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