Carrot Puree

The humble carrot is elevated to a velvety smooth and delicious puree with the help of 2 secrets… 
THE FIRST SECRET IS: Put 3 tablespoons of unsalted butter inside the water with the carrots, and then boil it down until it’s reduced and the carrots are soft and tender.
THE SECOND SECRET IS: Don’t tip out the water when the carrots are finished cooking. Instead, put the entire contents into a food processor and puree until smooth. Season with good quality sea salt and pepper and a teaspoon of maple syrup (optional) Serve. (with anything!) OTHER USES: CHEATS TOMATO SAUCE: I also like to stir this carrot puree liberally into just regular old tomato sauce and poured over spaghetti. Grate cheese over the top. A good way to sneak in another veggie to small unsuspecting mouths. SAVORY CARROT ‘CAKES’: Fold the carrot puree into leftover risotto (rice, chicken stock, onions, parmesan, white wine), throw in an egg for binding, form into cakes and fry in a heavy based frying pan, turning once until the cakes are browned on both sides. Great for kids dinner or thrown cold into the lunch box the next day.

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