Curry Mee with Young Tau Foo

Shift up the idea of the traditional napkin. What about an crinkly Asian Newspaper ‘serviette’, to pair with our favorite Malaysian dish? (Read while you eat)

I’ve been a card carrying addict to the Curry Mee with Young Tau Foo Soup at Nyonya, on Grand Street, for over 15 years. Possibly longer. It’s a spicy coconut laksa/curry broth with Abura-Age (tofu sliced thin into sheets and then deep fried) and Atsu-Age (thick spongy cubes of tofu, also deep fried) and Veggies; a ring of Bitter Melon, a Jalapeno Pepper, which are all stuffed with fish mixture. Then there’s the little Eggplant ‘boat’, also stuffed with fish, which bobs brightly towards you having just taken in all the curry flavors of the delicious broth. It’s blackish purple bands capsize when you bite it, to reveal a sweet buried treasure. I’ll fight your for it!

Photograph; Squire Fox, Prop styling; Tara Marino.


One thought on “Curry Mee with Young Tau Foo

  1. I don’t know what it is about Southeast Asia but they really have a thing against napkins. They often give you a moist towelette at the start of the meal, but no napkins. Even in crazy messy places, like when yr eatin’ chili crab.

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