slow-roasted strawberries

While most of us are still on the brink of true Spring warmth, seize the last of the still-too-chilly days, by taking a classic Summer ingredient, but treating it like typical Winter fair. (Thereby bridging the seasons). Let’s roast! Especially while it’s still cool enough outside, to comfortably turn on the oven inside.

NOTE: The sophisticated sweet perfume that will permeate your kitchen from slow-roasting these simple fruits is frankly sublime.

SLOW-ROASTED FRESH STRAWBERRIES: Put 4 tablespoons of Brown Sugar, 1 tablespoon of Balsamic Vinegar and a good pinch of Salt in a bowl and mix it all together with a spoon. Then put 1 punnet (1 lb/16 oz) of fresh strawberries into the bowl, that have been washed, dried, and had their green tops cut off (You may also cut the very large strawberries in half, so that all strawberries being roasted are of similar size). Mix the strawberries well through the sugary/vinegar mixture. Then scatter them all over a non-stick baking tray or non-stick roasting pan and cook low and slow at 250, for 1-2 hours. Check occasionally as you roast. After one hour the strawberries should be hot and starting to melt, but still holding their shape. Serve hot, straight out of the oven with Mascarpone, Devonshire clotted cream or even just regular heavy pouring cream will work out fine. You can even sprinkle a few tiny splashes of Cointreau over the top, or rip up some fresh mint leaves and scatter them over the strawberries as well. (Optional)

NOTE: Ideal for Mother’s Day or a brunch with friends. Serve with a glasses of crisp Prosecco. (And maybe some really good french toast with almond fig butter on the side) 


Photo: Squire Fox. (Food/Art direction/Concept: Dimity Jones)

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