Fava Bean Soup

Farm-stand Find
 is one of my favorite pages in Martha Stewart Living. It profiles an ingredient you can find right now at the Greenmarket and shows you what to do with it after you carry it home, proudly, yourself a little sun-kissed from the open market, happily cash poor, but slightly bewildered that you purchased how much? of a vegetable that you’ve never heard of, let alone cooked. The page gives you 3 options to do with your local product other than stare at it, fondly, but idly, wondering what on earth to make with it.

On the day we shot this, we couldn’t decide whether to shave the Parmesan (which is in the recipe) on top, for the final shot, or remove it. In the end, the big pools of green alone, were startlingly graphic and everyone’s favorite. Pick up the recipe in the (May) current issue, on newsstands now.


Photograph by Raymond Hom, Food styling/concept: Sarah Carey, Props: Carla Gonzalez-Hart (Art Direction: Dimity Jones) 

(Note; This post was updated on 10/28 to include the link to the recipe; find it here)


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