Shaved Rhubarb Salad


Rhubarb as a salad?

Shift up this crimson stalk from it’s safe ubiquitous role in homely cobblers and traditional crisps. I used a technique inspired by wonderful food stylist Kris Kurek, who made a dish so beautifully, by simply shaving whole Asparagus into playful ribbons, and then pairing it with buttery noodles. Try shaving your Rhubarb! 

There are only a couple of weeks left for Rhubarb at the Farmer’s market, so enjoy the tart pucker of these stringy stalks, tempered with peppery watercress, sweetened with black currants, and then a dash of sunflower seeds, thrown in, last minute, just for crunch. The dressing is a sticky Rice Vinegar/Honey. I’d serve this salad with a chargrilled moist fatty Salmon. 

METHOD: Shave 3 stalks of Rhubarb with a standard vegetable peeler into a bowl. Add fresh Watercress leavesDried Black Currants and Sunflower seeds. Mix. Into a jar, put 3 tablespoons of Olive Oil1 tablespoon of Rice Vinegar or Sherry Vinegar, 1 tablespoon of rich HoneySea Salt and freshly cracked Pepper. Dress salad to taste.


Photograph: Squire Fox, Props: Tara Marino. (Food styling/concept: Dimity Jones)


3 thoughts on “Shaved Rhubarb Salad

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  2. So yummy! The second time I tried this I improvised by adding to the shaved rhubarb some mixed salad greens, a few green onions, and sprinklings of crispy duck bacon.

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