Street Food. (Literally)

Justin Walker, Kaitlyn DuRoss and myself, hit the streets of Greenpoint last week to shoot street food. I wanted to bring bold, beautiful street food, back to it’s roots. Where else? The street. The rawness of a gutter, a speckled sidewalk, a hydrant, maybe, or what about a pedestrian crossing? I love the use of Justin’s negative space in this shot. The big green wall is so beautiful, and the random newspaper? Like the best things in life; simply just happened to be there.

6 TACO’S from the CALEXICO FOOD TRUCK: BAJA FISH: Cod, Slaw, Mango and Chipotle sauce. POLLO VERDE: Slow cooked Chicken in a tangy Tomatillo sauce, pickled Jalapenos, Cotija Cheese. CARNE ASADA: Marinated skirt Steak, Avocado salsa, Pico de gallo. CHIPOTLE PORK: Slow cooked Pulled Pork, pickled Red Onions, Crema. CHORIZO: Mexican Sausage, roasted Potato, Cotija Cheese. FRIJOLES NEGROS: Black beans, Guacamole, roasted Tomato Salsa, Cortija Cheese, Chipotle sauce.


Photograph: Justin Walker. Concept/Art Direction: Dimity Jones.
Shot in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.


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