Cool, Chocolate Chip Cookie Icebox cake

Firstly, I want to wish everyone an amazing July 4th weekend! Where ever you are… whoever you are with. I hope you are eating, drinking, incredible things, with people you love—family and friends.

We shot this story, over 2 months ago. Elizabeth Colling concepted 4 recipes from one cookie dough base, and they were all great. But the one we loved the best was the baked cookies layered up into a cake with lots of mascarpone in between. You can pick up the whole story in the current July Issue of Martha Stewart Living, which is on newsstands right now. It also includes a recipe for a gorgeous tart that uses cookies crushed into a crust (instead of the usual Graham crackers, so smart!) and then a rich chocolate ganache is poured over the top. Delicious!


THE COOKIE DOUGH STORY: Was shot by Iain Bagwell. Concept and styling by Elizabeth Colling. Props: Tanya Graff. (Art Direction: Dimity Jones)



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