Roberta’s Arugula, Gorgonzola and Black Currant Pizza, with Market Corn Salad

ROBERTA’S is a unique, incredible place that never stops evolving. It’s more than just pizza (chewy, blistering, charred hot, from a bright red oven they imported from Italy, called Roberta), they make other dishes as well—like tripe, grass-fed steak and succulent octopus. They also have their own Greenhouse high, up above on their roof, where they grow some food for their restaurant, and this past June they put in another big wood fired oven, in one of their shipping containers that litter their backyard, and they hired an accomplished baker, to make their own bread (so they can serve it with their pre industrial hand-churned butter, silly). Have I mentioned they harvest their own honey from on-site bees?

This picture was taken by photographer Jen Causey, who I met during a food shoot for Martha Stewart Living. I love people who hail from Georgia! They have such a great appreciation for food, and they’re always good company for new eating adventures. Check out Jen’s inspiring breakfast blog, Simply Breakfast. And her visual blog Simply Photo.




TO LEARN MORE about ROBERTA’s, and to see some SAMPLE MENU’S  Click here.
(The  “Cheeses Christ” pizza— (Great name) Which is Mozzarella, Taleggio, Parmigano, Heavy cream, and Black Pepper is also my favorite pizza right now) 

TO LEARN MORE about ROBERTA’s GREENHOUSE, and their other green ways, click here. and here. To learn more about their bread and delicious loaves, check here.



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