Red Hook Food Vendors

Enchilada, with pickled red cabbage and hard-boiled eggs.

Humberto, at Antojitos Chapines, makes incredible Guatemalan food. He’s the third or fourth cart down from the corner, the smallest cart. One small cart, with a big heart. What a lovely man, and the best chicken tamales ever.

Rolled Taco’s.

Arepas de Queso. (Fried Sweet Corn Meal Cakes with melted cheese tucked inside). Kind of like a South American version of Grilled Cheese. Yummy with fried eggs and hot salsa. Or by itself.

Chicharrones, or Fried Pork Skin, and Taco’s.

Pupuseri y Taqueria Ouetzal. This man is in the white van at the end. His wife, Esperanza, does a killer Guatamalan Shrimp Cheviche.

Fried Plantains.

Eleazar Perez, makes delicious Mexican taco’s including slow roasted Goat. She has a series of small potted condiments outside her truck for spooning and dredging.


RED HOOK FOOD VENDORS: When we showed up to photograph the well documented Latin American food vendors, who occupy a side street off the Red Hook Soccer fields in Brooklyn, some of them were nervous. “We’re afraid that if you take our photo. You’ll use it to shut us down”.

Fear lingers, even years later. The vendors were threatened to be removed, when the Health Department started issuing demands for proper permits and sanitary standards. This from a community who had been serving beautiful authentic food from their home countries, from just regular fold-up tables, without incident— for over 30 years. A huge outcry from the public, and an agreement to switch from tables to proper food trucks, helped secure a 6 year permit which allows them to serve today.

To check out the individual vendors, see where their carts are exactly,  check here. To read about the struggle and history of the Red Hook Food vendors, check here.



(Art Direction Dimity Jones. With thanks to Kaitlyn DuRoss


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