Red Hook Food Vendors

Enchilada, with pickled red cabbage and hard-boiled eggs.

Humberto, at Antojitos Chapines, makes incredible Guatemalan food. He’s the third or fourth cart down from the corner, the smallest cart. One small cart, with a big heart. What a lovely man, and the best chicken tamales ever.

Rolled Taco’s.

Arepas de Queso. (Fried Sweet Corn Meal Cakes with melted cheese tucked inside). Kind of like a South American version of Grilled Cheese. Yummy with fried eggs and hot salsa. Or by itself.

Chicharrones, or Fried Pork Skin, and Taco’s.

Pupuseri y Taqueria Ouetzal. This man is in the white van at the end.


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