Goat’s Butter

Goat’s butter is opaque white, and not yellow, like regular butter. It’s tangy and has the tiniest hit of salt. I have to say; I was blown a way when I tried Goat’s butter recently. It has a lower melting point, so it best served as a condiment, like smeared liberally on top of a hot currant scone, or melted onto into a warm caramel pancake. Throw it on the breakfast table to shift up your morning feast. And because Goat butter has a slight sour tang, it’s great accompanied with sweet jams, like Apricot, Blackberry or even good Maple Syrup. I think it would be perfect melted on a warmed Apple muffin, or even crisp Belgium waffles, for instance.


WHERE TO PURCHASE? You can get pure Goat Butter at Sprouts stores (Located in Arizona, California, Texas and Colorado). On the East coast, call your local specialty food store to see if they carry it. The one we tried was the Meyenberg, which was excellent but funnily enough, you can order a block of easily enough, from anywhere in the States, simply from Amazon.com. Click here. 


4 thoughts on “Goat’s Butter

  1. mmm. yes. love goat’s butter. both sheep and goat milk dairy are said to be easier on our systems than cow.. i think i have seen it at some of the local farmers markets and definitely dean and deluca.
    i just posted a great alice water’s scone recipe.

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