The Purple Yam; Daily Kimchi, Adobo dishes, Heirloom Tomato Ice-cream.

‘Daily Kimchi’ (Baby Cucumbers

Romy Doriton, the chef/owner of The Purple Yam tells me ‘sourness’, is at the heart of Filipino cuisine. Despite Spanish influences, there are 3 dishes that Filipino’s lay claim to being authentically theirs. They are Kinilaw, a form a Filipino cheviche. (Fresh seafood cooked in vinegar), Adobo, (more on that later) and Sinigang, which is meat cooked in a sour broth, with tamarind.

Haegeen, a Korean chef makes the Daily Kimchi at The Purple Yam. It’s seasonal, and can be anything from Baby Cucumber (above), Watermelon Radish, or Pineapple. Try Haegeen’s Daily Kimchi with an Adobo dish. (A house signature dish) The Chicken Adobo is always on the menu, but occasionally Chef Romy adds other Adobo-style dishes. Like Beef Brisket, Baby Back Ribs, or Pork. Adobo is a combination of Vinegar, Soy, Garlic and Coconut Milk. Romy uses Rice Vinegar in his Chicken Adobo, but will often use Coconut Vinegar in his Pork or Beef Adobo. Coconut Vinegar is stronger than Rice Vinegar and not from the Coconut fruit. It’s the sap from a Coconut tree, made into Coconut wine and then the distilled spirit fermented into Coconut vinegar.

The Purple Yam also has a dish called Sisig, on the menu which is pig cheeks, ears and snout in lime & chilies.

To balance out the ‘sourness’, finish up with a must-order dish of delectably sweet Heirloom Tomato Ice-cream.


1314 Cortelyou Road, Brooklyn NY 11226 (map)


To re-create authentic Filipino recipes at home, seek out Amy Besa and Romy Dorotan’s cookbook, Memories of Phillipine Kitchens.

You can purchase Coconut Vinegar at Wholefoods.


5 thoughts on “The Purple Yam; Daily Kimchi, Adobo dishes, Heirloom Tomato Ice-cream.

  1. Thank you for this post. I ran out and bought the book. Its fantastic.
    It reads like a melancholy culinary history of the Philippines.

  2. Thanks Dimity and Addys for this post! Priscilla Martel from All about just emailed and called me up to discuss sourness in Phil food.

    Glad you liked Memories. I had no idea it was melancholy. But it is a look back at what used to be and we are determined to preserve what is there for future generations.

    Thanks very much! Made my day! Amy Besa at Purple Yam

    • Thanks Amy! That’s great news! I love going to Purple Yam, and I also love being able to make the recipes at home, it’s a great book! Hope to see you at the restaurant, Cheers and best, Dimity

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