“In Their Place”— The South of France; Macon York; Homemade Cocoa Cinnamon Muesli.

Welcome to “In their place,” it’s a new column that I’ll be posting regularly on my blog. Look out for posts from people who are cooking, creating, and eating, in their own space. Wherever that might be!


This post is from my friend Macon Yorkwho’s currently in the South of France in a forrest region called Haut Languedoc at a sustainable farm/workshop. There is a sense of conciousness there, of what one consumes and what one throws away. All their meals, for instance, are dictated by what needs to be eaten, before it goes to waste. They have no big projects at this time of year for the farm so her daily work involves weeding, feeding and maintaining the chickens, and general land preparation for the upcoming winter months. Since they have no water source, they use what rainwater provides, and even their used up water is filtered into an algae pond and repurposed to water the vegetable garden. Macon says that washing dishes requires a tub up filled up with water and then soaking everything in it. Then rinsing everything in another tub of clean water. The dirty tub is used ultimately to water plants, and the rinse water becomes the soak tub, for the next night.

Make this Muesli raw so you get to taste the individual flavors. Or if you prefer, heat it in a skillet (before adding the yogurt or milk) where it will become toasty and stick together. 

In an individual bowl mix together Rolled Oats, a small sprinkle of Wheat Germ, a pinch of Ground Cloves, Raisins (or any dried fruit), Walnuts, Ground Cinnamon, Cocoa Powder, Honey and chopped fresh Fruit. (Whatever you have on hand; Melon, Apple, or Banana). Add Yogurt or milk.


The photographs (above) were taken on Macon’s first Sunday breakfast at the sustainable Farm. This muesli is her daily morning sustenance before attending to her farming duties. 

To check out Macon’s work, click here.
To get info on the farm, click here.


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