I’m freelancing at Bon Appétit magazine right now with designer Timothy McSweeney, and illustrator Claire McCracken. The steak screen print (above), was originally drawn by Claire for a potential Well Opener for the magazine, but the story ended up going in a different direction, which meant it might not be used. Not to be defeated—though, Tim still wanted to make the screen print, so once the issue had shipped, this resourceful pair spent the day printing them up (their inventive makeshift screen print press, is actually part of Tim’s desk) and by the end of the day, they’d covered the conference room with 73 drying steak prints. (An end-of-shipping-gift to the staff.) Luckily for me, that gave them out the day I started, and now mine proudly hangs in my kitchen.


To check out Claire’s art, click here, or to hire her for illustration work, send her an email at
Timothy McSweeney‘s work can be seen in Bon Appétit magazine, as well as his website here.


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