Northern Spy Food Co. Kale Salad.

I recently stumbled upon the restaurant Northern Spy, and the moment I did, I fell in love with the Kale Salad. (Made originally by Chef Nathan Foot.) This salad is floaty, almost feathery— the opposite of a typically heavy Winter greens dish. The secret? Slicing the kale wafer thin, and then tossing it vigorously in oil, lemon juice, and salt, which premeates the kale and makes it marvelously light. The salad also has sweet cubes of squash, crispy toasted almonds and two kinds of cheese, for flavor and texture. (A soft Cheddar and at tart Pecorino.) Meatless Monday? Embrace it!

I did a quick search— and instantly found the recipe at Amanda and Merrill’s amazing online recipe site: Food52With beautiful photographs by James Ransom

To get the recipe for Northern Spy’s Kale Saladclick here.


To get info on Northern Spy Food CoClick here.
(Northern Spy Food Co. is named after one of New York State’s classic heirloom apples, the “Northern Spy”.)


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