What’s Hot in Sydney right now.

IF IT’S SYDNEY IN FEBRUARY, IT MUST BE SUMMER! While we’re enjoying fluctuating temps on the east coast, that mirror a slightly colder Summer, in Sydney, it actually is Summer. Photographer Vanessa Levis was telling me how addictive the cool and intensely fruity Pure Pops are purchased from the Bondi farmers market. They’re all natural, hand-crafted, with no artificial flavors or preservatives and they don’t really melt! (as a mother, I know what a lure this is, how many times do you succumb to the popsicle and end up with your child covered from head to tail in sticky liquid?) They use the best seasonal fruit (Vanessa’s daughter Sophia, says the Watermelon and Lime literally tastes like your eating a watermelon) and they keep their sugar content really low. Some of their flavors include: Watermelon and Lime, Strawberry Rhubarb, Vanilla Ripple, Blood Orange and Pine-Lime with Young Coconut Splice. They also do a shaved ice with home made cordial. Honestly I would fly to Sydney in a second if I knew that someone had replicated a more organic form of my beloved Pine-Lime Splice from childhood. (That’s Pineapple/Lime Ice with a strip of pure Coconut Milk ice-cream). It’s nice to think that someone thought to bring back the 70’s version of Summer on a stick.

Pure Pops
For info on Pure Pops click here. 


All photographs by Vanessa Levis.
(Other than top photograph, which was shot for Pure Pops by William Meppem.)


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