Cookbook in Kentucky. (Days 2, 3, 4)

Day 4 on the cookbook shoot for Chef Edward Lee. We’re knee deep into the chapters now, cooking up and shooting pork, lamb, pickles and all kinds of delicious things. Meals for the crew have been a wonderful concoction of leftovers, food we just shot, and things we had still had in the fridge.


From top: Day 3, Pork cracklings and corn chips with Pineapple Cider. (The cider has fermented pineapple). Day 4, Spinach salad with radish, pear, and candied pecans, which we had with the most delicious Ham Hock fried rice. (Ham hocks were braised in Soy). Day 2: Kim Chi “the beast” breakfast omelette. (The omelette had pork belly, brussels sprouts, cilantro, kim chi, Chinese glazed duck and pork rinds). Day 4: Breakfast egg salad. (An amazing idea for a light breakfast!) Hard boiled eggs in a salad with grapefruit slices, cucumber, strawberries, mint, tarragon, radish. Have it for breakfast served high piled on buttered, lightly toasted bread.


Chef Edward Lee and 610 Magnolia Restaurant.
Ed was also most recently on this season’s Top Chef Texas.


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