Crushed Raspberry Cocktail

Love this promo card from photographer Iain Bagwell and his prop stylist friend, Rachel Jukes.

Rachel and Iain worked together for over 12 years in London, on such clients as Sainsbury’s magazine, Weightwatchers, and Safeway. One of their most memorable shoots was for BHP, an Australian Mining company who’s headquarters were located near Victoria Rail Station. They were shooting food on a custom-made boomerang-shaped BBQ, which had been hollowed out and filled with gas. Mid-shoot, the BBQ blew up, spewing food, drinks, glasses in a 50 feet radius that even hit Victoria station. Miraculously no one was hurt. (Except the BBQ itself.) Iain remembers lamb shanks smeared over the window panes of nearby office buildings. Someone alerted the Police special branch who arrived straight after the blast as people obviously assumed it was a terrorist attack. (Nope. Just a bunch of Aussies with their boomerang-shaped BBQ!)

Rachel now styles for Jamie Oliver magazine, Olive, Delicious as well as many TV commercials. Iain and I worked together several times, including 2 shoots for Martha Stewart Living.

Check out their work below.




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