Sweet Paul, springs forward!

Stylist Paul Lowe moved to New York 6 years ago from his native Norway. Even though he was a stylist several years before.

Who’s Paul Lowe?
He is the founder, and Editor-In-Chief of “Sweet Paul” magazine and this Spring issue, (above) marks his eighth issue. He started this because there was a sense of freedom from getting a distance from daily client expectations, to do whatever is in his head, at any given moment. The result? The beautiful Sweet Paul magazine.

So what’s on the horizon for Sweet Paul magazine?
There is a redesign of the blog in progress and a future kid and wedding magazine in the works. But the main question on my lips, is what does Paul like to eat? Now the Spring is here, Paul’s top spring cravings are Kale, Spring greens and fresh eggsThe smell of bacon will make him get out of bed, (me too!) and when it comes to comfort food from his native Norway, he can get his cheese and fish spreads from Norwegian Church, which has most of what he craves.

To check out and download Sweet Paul magazine click here.
To check his blog out, click here.



Recipes and food styling by Diana Perrin of Casa de Perrin
Prop styling and artwork by Alicia Buszczak
Photograph by Andrea Bricco


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