Doughnuts, from “Dough” in Bed-Stuy, NY.

Big and spongy, and crispy on the outside, with unusual flavors that can incorporate dried Hibiscus flowers, Chai tea, Earl Grey, the yeast doughnuts at ‘Dough’ are addictive, innovative and fresh. Some glazed, some stuffed, but with basic flavors too, like lemon, chocolate and orange.

The pastry chef/doughnuts maker behind ‘Dough’ is Fany Gerson. Fanny was born and raised in Mexico City, and has worked at  such restaurants as Rosa Mexicana, and Eleven Madison Park here in New York, she is also the author of Paletas (authentic recipes for Mexican ice pops, shaved ice and aguas frescas). Fany worked on the ‘dough’ recipe for several months, testing over 50 recipes till she came up with the one that worked.

Fany also loved the idea of having the warm fresh doughnuts available throughout the day, so rather than make everything overnight and then just sell what you have first thing, anything you buy at ‘Dough” has been made at least in the last hour and a half. Warm, doughnuts, made fresh, what’s not to love?

I bought the Dulce de leche and the Blood Orange. (Pictured). Enticed by it’s deep magenta color, the Blood Orange was a touch too tang-y for me first thing in the morning, (but I could imagine it working great in the afternoon with a cup of tea!) The Dulce though, was heaven in my mouth, (even at 7am). 


To know more about, Fany Gerson, the chef behind “Dough” click here.
To get her book “Paletas” click here.
To get her first book “My Sweet Mexico”, click here.

(Love “Dough” doughnuts? Let me know what your favorite flavor is!)


305 Franklin Avenue
(Lafayette Avenue)
Brooklyn, N.Y. 11205
(347) 533-7544
(Open 7 days, 7am to 5pm)

(Pics Dimity Jones)


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