Jim Lahey’s New Book: “My Pizza”

Old friend, photographer, and contributor to my blog; Squire Fox, shot Jim Lahey’s new cookbook My Pizza, which is out, and available now!

This is Squire’s second book for Jim, (his first one being My Bread). My Pizza has the recipes from his 9th Avenue pizza joint—Co. (Including his Banoffee Pie!) Think warm, chewy, blistered crust, covered in melting cheese, salty prosciutto. Shitakes. Grape tomatoes and corn, even. The book was shot entirely in Jim’s apartment above Sullivan Street bakery, over 7 days last Summer, (10 hours a day).

Squire said he ate every single pizza that came out of the oven, and even though he would swear to himself that tomorrow he would not eat any more pizza, when the first pizza came out that next day, he just couldn’t resist. When the shoot was over, days later, he still had cravings for it. Squire loves working with Jim, “he’s a true master who is completely passionate about his work.” 


To order Jim Lahey book My PizzaThe Easy No-Knead Way to Make Spectacular Pizza at homeclick here.

To see my blog post where I visited the shoot and hung out with Squire and Jim, last Summer, click here. 


Photographs © Squire Fox

SQUIRE FOX was born into a creative family. He was influenced by his mother, a painter and quintessential southern hostess and father and grandfathers—all furniture craftsmen, who drank bourbon and ate oysters. To check out his work, click here. 


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