Kentucky, Day 7. (What we’re eating.)

We’re back in Kentucky, finishing up Chef Edward Lee’s new cookbook and Spring is definitely here. Crabapple and dogwood blossoms are blooming all around Louisville. We shot the cover today, which was exciting, and the final shot we’ll do in studio. Tomorrow we hit the road to see what Kentucky has to offer.

Lunch today was kindly made for us by Kevin Ashworth, who works at 610 Magnolia restaurant kitchen. It was a hearty, but Spring-inspired salad of cooked Israeli couscous tossed in a light curry coconut cream, with cashews, dried apricots, strawberries, and topped fresh pea tendrils from the garden.


Chef Edward Lee and 610 Magnolia Restaurant.
Ed was also most recently on this season’s Top Chef Texas. 

(Pic Dimity Jones) 

2 thoughts on “Kentucky, Day 7. (What we’re eating.)

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