A whole Roasted Pig, stuffed with Slow-braised Oxtail.

A whole roasted pig, with an ingenious twist: Grant Cornett’s pig is stuffed with Slow-Braised Oxtail (with Kimchi). 


Julian Richards is a Brooklyn-based photo representative who likes to hold occasional dinner parties at his space the Bell End. (Its located in Clinton Hill.) These dinners usually consist of a fun, eclectic mix of artists, art buyers, photo editors, stylists, and photographers.

The most recent dinner, was cooked and prepared by photographer Grant Cornett (and his girlfriend; painter, Janine Iversen.) Grant’s menu was inspired by Chef Edward Lee, who’s cookbook we’re currently putting together right now, in Kentucky. (Grant is shooting it and I’m Art Directing it). Grant wanted to roast a whole Suckling Pig, but he also looking to try something a bit different. Edward suggested that he stuff the pig, before roasting, with already cooked, slow-braised Korean-style oxtail meat that might include Kimchi. Then roast the pig, whole, and serve it simply with Soy Sauce.

First, Grant made some calls around and found a whole pig at Esposito’s pork shop in Manhattan. Then he and Janine picked up the pig and the oxtails, and carried them carefully, via New York City subway to the Bell End kitchen. Next they made the braised oxtail, using a marinade of Soy, Asian Pears, Daikon, Sesame and some Kimchi. (You can check out this inspiring recipe at the blog: Kitchen Wench) Then they stuffed the pig with the oxtail meat, sewing the cavity together with a trussing needle and butcher’s twine. They salted the pig the night before (to remove moisture so the skin would be really crispy when cooked), and then the pig was roasted, covered in a little bit of olive oil and a sprinkling of salt. Once cooked, it was served with soy sauce. The side dishes they chose to accompany the pig were Grits with Gruyere and Soy sauce, a Ginger Asian Pear Salad, Collard Greens with Kimchi, and an Arugula salad with Cilantro, fried Black-Eyed Peas, Roasted Beets in a Lime Apple Cider vinaigrette. With a warmed delicious pile of Masa Harina Tortillas to mop up the juices.

From top: (1) Esposito’s, where Grant and Janine picked up the pig. (2) Taking the pig and oxtail on the New York City subway. (3) The pig makes it home. (4) Photographer Andrew Hetherington. (5) The pig trussed and ready to roast. (6) The pig. (7) Trussing the suckling pig after stuffing it’s cavity with slow-braised oxtail with kimchi. (8) The roasted pig accompanied by side dishes: grits with gruyere and soy sauce, an ginger asian pear salad, some collard greens with kimchi, an arugula salad with cilantro, fried black eyed peas, roasted beets in a lime apple cider vinaigrette. (9) Leftovers. 


Want to know what Grant has been working on?
Click here!

GRANT CORNETT is a very prolific photographer from Texas, who has been stuck a little too long in NY. He enjoys quiet time by the water, watching the ponies run at the track, and puppies. To check out his website, click here. 


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