My Mother’s Anzac Biscuits

Happy Anzac Day!
Frances Janisch, photographer, and founder of the blog “Melting Pot, food is culture”, posted a story on my mother’s Anzac biscuit recipe. Thanks Frances!
Check out her work here. And her blog here.

5 thoughts on “My Mother’s Anzac Biscuits

    • Actually the original Margaret Fulton recipe calls for Golden Syrup but my mother uses Treacle, because it gives the biscuits an extra richness. If you can’t find either, I’d maybe try Molasses? But true authentic ANZAC biscuits, are made with either Treacle or Golden Syrup.

  1. About Golden Syrup – Most popular in England, where the common brand is “Lyle’s.” “King” is an American made brand of golden syrup produced in Kentucky and is more readily available in the United States. Another type called “Australian Golden Syrup” is also available for those down under. In addition, three brands are available through King Arthur Flour Baker’s Catalogue

    Lyles brand stocked in USA at Cost Plus World Market or order via

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