Zucchini Tart. A Seasonal Shift Up from an Ordinary Quiche.

We’ve finally reached that lovely moment in Summer, where the market is full of almost everything; ripe Peaches and Cantaloupe, Sweet Potato and Okra. Sugar Snaps, Nectarines, Beefsteak Tomatoes from South Jersey and Zucchinis, batons of glossy yellow and deep green.

It reminds me of a recipe that we did for Martha Stewart, last year. Food stylist Sarah Carey baked a layer of phyllo dough, and then filled it with a rich eggy mixture, of cream, cheese and basil. She then laid thin slices of zucchini, lengthwise, over the top.

It’s a step up from a regular quiche, and great for a brunch, lunch, or even dinner (perhaps with a chopped Cherry Tomato and Sweet Corn Salsa). Elevation for the humble Zucchini.

To get this recipe go to the Martha Stewart.com, click here.


Food Stylist Sarah Carey
Prop Stylist Sarah Smart.
(Art direction: Dimity Jones)

ANDREW PURCELL is a food photographer who grew up in Laguna Beach, California with the ocean and sand as his playground. He’s now adjusting to big city life and loves Single Malt Scotch, California wine, Bacon, Baseball and his food stylist wife, (Carrie!).


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