Pickled Figs In Balsamic Vinegar

I was at Food and Wine magazine this month, and this was the story I designed and put together for the August Issue. The Illustrations were by Sasha Prood. The photo’s were shot by “Young and Hungry” (Hands down best name ever for an emerging food photography team.)

It was a story on actor Bill Pullman and his orchard, (you remember Bill from such things as Independence Day and The Last Seduction.) He has an orchard in Los Angeles where he grows his own lemons, oranges, figs, plums, and a variety of other fruit. Pick up the August Issue of Food and Wine to see the whole story. (With great preserving recipes).


To get the recipe for this gorgeous Pork Chops with Pickled Figs in Balsamic Vinegar, which was also recommended by the staff at Food and Wine, click here.


Photographs by ‘YOUNG AND HUNGRY’
(Who are ‘Young and Hungry’? Young and Hungry are Dax Henry and Anais Wade.
Check out their work, here. And their blog here.
The Recipe was by ERNEST MILLER
Illustration by SASHA PROOD
(Design: Dimity Jones)


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4 thoughts on “Pickled Figs In Balsamic Vinegar

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