Summer BBQ

With the food you cook, is it the journey, or the destination?

The salting, the peppering, the oil, the procedure, maybe you even cover them with a dry rub, or maybe you don’t. Or, do you think it is all in the taste, and in the final delivery?

I have 3 barbeques in my backyard, but before you think I’m kind of nuts, it’s not intentional. The first was left by the last tenant. (Her name was Alex, I’ve never met her, but she was from Minnesota, Alex, if you want your BBQ baby, please come on by). The second belongs to a food stylist from Martha Stewart, who called me when her landlady said she couldn’t keep it anymore, so we rolled it down the hill, and into my yard, where it lost a wheel in the process, and even though Hurricane Irene toppled a tree on her, (seriously!), she survived. The third BBQ is mine. It’s a weber, it’s small, and not very significant but that’s the one I like to use. It’s charcoal, it has a chimney, and sometimes it takes me awhile to light it but it works and I’m a charcoal girl. Gas will never do it for me.

Have a great weekend!

Bring out whatever BBQ you have, or even grill off the stove. It’s won’t matter.

It’s all good.


The dog days of Summer have hit and I’m going to take a little break! I’m meeting and greeting and shooting some fun things over the next couple of weeks so stay tuned. Thank you for your kindness and support of my blog. Your letters and comments are awesome! I love them! Have a great Summer, wherever you are. (And for my Aussie friends, I hope you are getting through this cold Winter…)
d x


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One thought on “Summer BBQ

  1. It’s always the journey for me. I can burn an entire batch of chilli or my chocolate pudding can fall flat on its face…but if I go through all that cooking with a family member or a friend…then its totally worth it!

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