The Summer Series. (Vol 1. Colorado)

What some of my favorite people saw, ate, and photographed, this past Summer. 

The first volume

“Winding through southwestern Colorado, the San Juan Mountains may arguably be the most picturesque mountains in the United States.

On a rainy morning I set out accompanied by prop stylist, Kaitlyn DuRoss, from Durango, Colorado en route to Telluride. The destination was an evening Ziggy Marley show in Telluride’s town park. We set out early to gather accoutrement for our picnic and inevitable pre-lunch nosh-up. Lucky for us, even in the small mountain town of Durango, artisan food makers and local farmers are producing high-quality products with pride and taste in mind.

For our route, we decide to take a short cut through Ophir Pass, which would take us directly over of the Continental Divide. Ten miles of steep rock and a one-lane dirt road begins in the old mining town of Silverton, and then drops down into Ophir, CO, a town with a handful of homes a mere eighteen miles from Telluride, where a hand painted sign reads, “Ophir, CO, Elevation 9,929′, Population 163″  The road is slick, rocky, and at times questionable.  A 4WD is a must, and despite this being July, snow still lies along side the road toward the summit. The rain added an extra layer of excitement, but as I had predicted, the sun peeked out from behind the clouds just in time for lunch, which we ate in a small aspen grove.” JW

Chocolate: The chocolate is hand made from Animas Chocolate Company in Durango by Carley Felton.  
Cheese and Meats: The Speck, La Abadesa cheese (a sheep, goat, and cows milk mixture imported from Italy), and sun dried tomatoes are imported from Italy by Guido’s, a gourmet Italian deli and restaurant in downtown Durango. They pride themselves on serving non “Americanized” Italian; a more traditionally accurate Italian fare.  
Baguettes: Baked in Durango and imported french mustard is from Jean Pierre’s, Jean is a true Frenchman and baker in Durango that has been there since I was a kid.
Potato Chips: The potato chips are from The Chip Peddlers in Durango.
Fruit: Plums and Cherries from the Durango Farmer’s Market. 

Stay tune for more installments from the Summer Series…



2 thoughts on “The Summer Series. (Vol 1. Colorado)

  1. Sounds like a lovely route to take for a road-trip. We have been tossing around the idea of a summer road-trip thru Colorado and Utah – from your words I think we should definitely add to our itinerary.

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