Summer Series (Vol. 4) New York

What some of my favorite people saw, ate, and photographed, this past Summer…

The fourth (and final) volume:


I met photographer Randy Harris in New Hampshire last year, when we were both on assignment to shoot a bunch of gi-normous pumpkins for Martha Stewart Living. He called me at the beginning of August to tip me off that he’d been asked by Chef Heather Carlucci (from Print Restaurant in Hell’s Kitchen, NY) to shoot the second “Pig Mountain” Festival. Randy is a phenomenal photographer. I’m so thrilled and privileged to present this volume.

What is “Pig Mountain”?  It is a pig roast and veggie festival to bring economic stimulation to the Sullivan County in New York and support the local farmers. Ten chefs (Yes, 10!) and their sous chefs, came together to cook for three days. They dug pits, roasted and smoked pigs, and prepped side dishes. Each chef prepared their pig however they wanted, and they also got the opportunity to offer 3-4 vegetarian side dishes, to go with their pork dish. For some, it was the first time that they’d ever worked with these other chefs before, so it was a great opportunity to meet and work closely with industry colleagues and get the opportunity to exchange ideas.

Mildred’s Lane, J. Morgan Puitt’s artist retreat was offered up as a location to house the chefs. (This place is a wonderful, inspiring retreat.) And then between 850 and 1000 people attended the pig event. A mixture of locals, homeowners in the region, and lots of food lovers. The month before, Heather spoke about this event on Martha Stewart Radio and was surprised to find a lot of people came to the event after hearing her speak.

There were a lot of people involved in putting this together. (It takes a village after all!) Most of the location work was done by Heather’s Pig Mountain partner in crime: Matthew, who built the pits, and then there were about 30 other people worked super-hard to make this happen, including Print Restaurant who donated cooks as well as funds. The pigs came from Stone and Thistle and Finger Lakes farms and were mainly cooked in the pits. Two were done in the smoker. The pits took about 24+ hours of cooking before unearthing. The smoker took about 6 hours.


Jake Klein, Morrell Wine Bar
Balinese whole roasted pig with creamy coconut casava and pineapple achar

Anthony Sasso, Casa Mono
Old San Juan Style Pork
Two salsas: cuba libre reduction and red habanero vinegar
Tostones Bravas with Smoked Tomato Vin
Grilled Beans with homemade Harissa

Lee Anne Wong, Foodnetwork
Mi-so Happy Pig, Wasabi Aioli, Crispy Onions
Charcoal grilled Eggplant and Daikon, Goma Sesame Sauce, Scallions, Chili
Watermelon, Cucumber, Asian Pear Salad, Yuzu Vinaigrette, Shiso, Masago arare

George McKirdy, Astor Bake Shop
Caribbean Roast Pork, Pigeon Peas with Green Banana Dumplings, Yuca con Mojo,
Peach Pineapple Salsa

Peter Schott, the Inn at Woodloch
Pecan smoked whole hog sausage
BBQ potato salad
Vinegar slaw
Braised Collard and Kale Greens
Pickles and chive biscuits

Ryan Tate, All Good Things
Pork belly Tostadas with pickled Gooseberries, roasted Radishes and Lime Creme Fraiche
Grilled corn on the cob with Sesame Chipotle Aioli
Black Eyed Pea Salad, lemon-sumac dressing
Grilled puntarelle with pit roasted sweet onions

Heather Carlucci, Print Restaurant.
Tandoori Roast Pig with roasted carrot raita, tomato chutney,
Marieke Fenugreek Gouda and Pig Roasted Onions on Sullivan Street Ciabatta


PHOTOGRAPHS BY RANDY HARRIS: Randy is a New York based photographer. He grew up in Leominster, MA, the birthplace of Johhny Appleseed. Randy worked for his dad as a Tool and Die maker. He loves to work with his hands and is not afraid to get dirty. His enthusium is endless. His clients include New York Times, New York magazine, Vanity Fair and Bon Appétit. Check out his work here. 

HEATHER CARLUCCI: is the pastry chef emeritus at Print Restaurant in New York’s Hell’s Kitchen. Heather opened Lassi, a phenomenally popular Indian take-out place in the West Village but due a lowly landlord, had to close. She is currently negotiating to re-open it. In her down time she listens to vinyl and hangs out with her daughter. To read more, check out her blog, here. To check out Print Restaurant click here. 

This is the last of the Summer Series!
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Thank you to everyone who contributed! Amazing Summer!

One thought on “Summer Series (Vol. 4) New York

  1. This is beautiful, as is your entire blog, Dimity. I was a huge fan of Lassi. Heather Carlucci was so nice, and the food was heavenly. It’s great to see what she’s been up to since Lassi closed. Thank you!

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