Wood-Smoked Turkey (Josh Vogel)

This story was a joy to design. It appears in the current November, Thanksgiving Issue of Food and Wine magazine, on newsstands now. I also got the opportunity to taste the Wood-Smoked Turkey, (from Josh Vogel, above) which the F&W kitchen tested one lunch time, and it was wonderful. It’s flavorful and moist, the smoking makes the skin a beautiful, inky black, and not your usual crispy blonde skin. This turkey is dark and mahogany in color, and has a rich smokey taste.

Josh Vogel, is a woodworker in upstate NY, who with his partner Kelly Zaneto, has a holistic or ‘nose-to-tail’ approach to his timber. He makes large sculptures, then cooking utensils with the leftovers, and then with the scraps from these, he fuels his outdoor oven. Nothing goes to waste. His cutting boards as well as his spoons, have no glue and no joints, their just single pieces of wood.


To get the recipe for Wood-Smoked Turkey which would be a wonderful option for Thanksgiving, check out the recipe at Food and Wine.com here.

To purchase Josh Vogel‘s hand made wooden products, which include wooden boards, cutting board oils, spoons and cooking utensils, click here. 

Race to the newsstand and pick up this November Thanksgiving Issue of Food and Wine magazine right now. To subscribe, click here.


Photographs for Food and Wine magazine by Fredrika Stjärne
Styling Alison Attenborough
Original text that appears in the magazine, Daniel Gritzer.


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