Simple Raspberry Pudding with shredded Coconut and Pistachios.


Good morning! After shooing my Australian guests onto a train to DC, I sat down to a simple Raspberry Porridge with shredded Coconut and Pistachio. You don’t need to add any sugar to the stewed Raspberries, because you can add it in the way of sweetened toppings to suit… Honey, diced Apple, etc, so it’s basically 2 ingredients: Raspberries + Cream of Wheat, and then toppings.

Recipe was inspired by My Blue & White Kitchen’s recipe for Whipped Cranberry Porridge. It’s too early in the season for us to get Cranberries here, so I substituted frozen Raspberries.

Recipe: 1 and a half cups of water with 1 cup of frozen Raspberries boil for 10 min. (I did not add Sugar, but you could at this stage should you wish. I found my chosen toppings had enough Sugar, to balance the inherit tartness of the raspberries.) Whisk in 3 tablespoons of Farina (Cream of Wheat) and stir constantly over simmer till mixture thickens. Cool. (Alas, I did not ‘whip’ the porridge, per the original recipe because I did not have the time this morning, so mine is not as ‘pink’ as it possibly could be… I will try to do that next time) Add Milk, or your choice of Nut Milk, and any toppings you wish. I used shredded Sweetened Coconut, and Pistachios, but you could add Yogurt, diced Apples, Raisins, zested Orange, Walnuts, or other Dried Fruit, Honey, or Agave if you wish. It’s up to you! Serves 2-3.



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