Crisp Apple and Calabaza Squash Tart, with Sage.

Cover an 11-inch shallow, removable bottom, quiche tin with pre prepared butter puff pastry. (I like White Torque from France.)

Open a packet of @LoveBeets White Wine Balsamic, Beets. Pour contents into a bowl and add a splash (or about a third of a cup) of water.

Purchase 4 medium sized apples. (I like Pink Lady.) Purchase a 4 lb wedge of Calabaza Pumpkin Squash. Slice apples with a mandolin- across ways, (setting number 2, or the second smallest setting on the mandolin.) and dip each slice, quickly, in the beet water. Set aside. (The vinegar in the beet liquid will keep the apples from browning.)

Cut the Calabaza into large wedges of at least 2 and a half width, and mandolin them, set aside. With a 2 and a half diameter cookie cutter, cut Calabaza sliced, into circular disks.

Layer up the pie with alternate squash circles, and cross cut, beet dipped, apple slices in circular pattern or any pattern of your choosing.

Melt one stick (or 8 tablespoons) of unsalted butter in a small pan, with half hand-full of fresh Sage leaves. When just melted, brush top of tart with the sage butter, (not leaves), trying not to dislodge layers.

Put tart in a pre-heated 325 degree oven for 1 hour and 20, to 35 minutes, or until tart smells fragrant, and the apples are cooked through and starting to brown on top, and releasing juice at their bottom. During the cooking process you’ll need to brush the tart again with the butter sage mixture after 30 mins, and then again when an hour is up.

Remove tart, and while warm, sprinkle entire tart with good quality sea salt, to taste.

Dot with the fried sage leaves from the butter sage mixture, and also chiffonade/chop a few fresh sage leaves and sprinkle over the top.

Serve tart immediately, while warm. Serves 8, as an appetizer. You could also serve each wedge with a big generous dollop of mascarpone, or a little shaved parmesan. Or, if you like some spice, you could dry roast some pumpkin seeds in a pan in a little salt, sugar and cayenne pepper and scatter on top, to provide bite, texture, and crunch.

Dimity x

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