About Dimity Jones

Dimity Jones likes to cook.  She is a Brooklyn-based foodie who spends many nights cooking at her teeny incognito catering company, D and D food.

During the day, she is a creative director, with over 20 years experience in publication design. She has worked at over 16 magazines, including being the design director on the launch of Lucky magazine. As well as full time positions at Mademoiselle, Allure, Redbook, Gourmet Traveller, and Shape.

In her career she has creatively conceived over 90 celebrity covers, having worked with such names as John Travolta, Kevin Bacon, Susan Sarandon, Brooke Shields, and Mandy Moore. 

She is currently freelance; and spends her days designing, as well as concepting and art directing food shoots. (As well as working on the Ipad) for various magazines and books.

Her current clients include:
Bon Appétit, Everyday Food, Martha Stewart Living, Weight Watchers, Food and Wine, Chef Edward Lee, (from Louisville, Kentucky), Travel + Leisure magazine, and Artisan Books.

Her ideal job would be to move to the Louisiana and sell pulled pork sandwiches. (Preferably out of a truck)

Photograph by Stephan Alessi


to Saveur for listing my blog in their ‘Blogs they love’ series, 2011.
Click here to check out the story.

Saveur also listing my site, in their ’50 Blogs you should be reading’ series.
“It’s beautiful, smart, has a great perspective, and has something to say.”
Click here to preview.

I love you Saveur: They listed my blog in their “Links we love: Food as Art Edition”
Click here to preview. 

Thanks Gilt Taste for nominating me as a Top Blogger. They will be sending me products to review (and to be honest about them!). Look out for future posts and in the meantime Check out the Gilt site here.

Psychology of eating listed me as number 20 in their list of top 100 food blogs.
Click here to see their list.

To see me in my first cooking video, making a Caramelized Tomato Tartin, by Henry Dombey. Click below.


© Dimity Jones.
All Art Direction, Concepts, Photography and Food on this site is all original content by Dimity Jones, unless otherwise credited. All rights reserved. 
Do not copy or reproduce any of these images without written permission. This is a non profit blog. Any ads you see are placed there by WordPress, and any profits from them go directly to WordPress. Any restaurant, chef, photographer, cook or stylist I write about or photograph on my blog, is purely because I believe in their work, their food, they’re style, them! And want to talk about them. I am an avid believer in supporting and promoting my creative community. If you re-blog anything from my site, please link back to the source, and credit appropriately.  

*Got a question or want to contact me? Send me an email to: greeneyespicklepies@gmail.com


14 thoughts on “About Dimity Jones

  1. Dim…this is so great and am soooo proud of you pursuing yer foodie passion…livin in LA loads to talk about will email more soon xxx

  2. Hey gorgeous! Love this and love your Brooklyn look! Email me pronto… I’m back at old stamping ground of ACP (after a really long time away) on Australian Good Food mag these days.

  3. You have a truly unique and wonderful blog here. Love your photo concepts– just a pleasure to look at. And your witty prose adds just the right dash of spice. Great work, and I wish you all the best!

  4. Am loving your blog, have subscribed and will commend it to all the Australian foodies I know (and there are plenty). Really beautiful work. xxxxx

  5. Excited that Saveur introduced me to your site as I am losing myself right now. I am more than excited to discover your site; real food, real writing and sexy photos! Keep feeding me!

  6. הבלוג מקסים,אשמח מאוד ללמוד ממך ולקבל עדכונים למייל שלי.
    בתודה ובברכה,

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