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Charlene’s Spicy Ketchup

Jim Lahey’s New Book: “My Pizza”— photographed by Squire Fox.

3 (more) dishes I’m obsessed with right now.

Madeleine’s (A Martha Stewart shoot) 

White Chocolate Panna Cotta with Ground Lemon Myrtle Leaf and Poached Apricots (Ode to my godfather)

That’s offaly sweet of you.

Lardo Pizza (Recipe)

Ex-Top Chef Ty-lör’s New Dinner Series in New York (Asian BBQ!).

Pie Charts


The Local Butcher Shop, San Francisco

Cool, calming, Panna Cotta

Soup Art

What I’m obsessed with now (# 367) The Brooklyneer!

Hojaldras de Jamon y Queso

Summer Series (Vol. 4) New York

The Summer Series (Vol 2. California)

The Summer Series. (Vol 1. Colorado)

*Click here to see me in my Cooking video by Henry Dombey.


Fall/Winter. Hunker down and cook!

Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls (From Matt Lewis at Baked)

Monte’s Ham (Great for Christmas!)

Chocolate Babka Bread Pudding

Northern Spy Food Co. Kale Salad.

Bangers and Mash with Onion “gravy”

A (Pre-Hurricane) Fall Dinner, in the Country

How to… Make your own Worcestershire Sauce

Poached Chicken for Sunday Dinner. Then the rest of the week—covered.

Salted Caramel Apple Pie, from “Four and Twenty Blackbirds”

Butternut Squash Glazed Tart

Bangers and Mash with Onion ‘Gravy’



What Charlie Ate
What a Los Angeles based child, with a Swedish mother and a photographer father eats. (See alphabetical listings for other posts)

In Their Place
What people are cooking, creating and eating, in their own space, wherever that might be. (See alphabetical listings for other posts)



10 days in France (a cooking, eating, painting sabbatical)

3 dishes I’m obsessed with right now

3 local products I love, right now.

4 Fat Ladies watch the 2 Fat Ladies. (Marathon) (Recipe)

A Englishman seeks out the Best Indian Food in New York

A (Pre-Hurricane) Fall Dinner, in the Country (Recipes)

A return to simple food

Adobe Chicken with Mushroom Bamboo Shoot Rice (Recipe)

Almond Cake with Lemon and Crème Fraîche Glaze (Recipe from Food and Wine Magazine) 

Andouille Sausage Stuffing (Recipe)

Andy + Tina = De Luxe Coffee

Art I love

At Wagners Pharmacy: Fried Bologna Sandwiches.

Aw, shucks.

Aussie Burgers. Ode to my Dad. (With link to Recipe from Gourmet Magazine)

A whole Roasted Pig, stuffed with Slow-braised Oxtail.

Baked Feta in Phyllo, with Slow Roasted Tomatoes and Garlic (Recipe)

Bangers and Mash with Onion “gravy” (Recipe)


Baby, it’s cold outside.

Beet Semifreddo (Recipe)

Beet semifreddo

Best Fried Chicken (Taste-off)

Breakfast from La Grande Epicerie Paris

Birthday Dinner; Cooking from Susan Feniger’s Street Food book. (Recipes)

Books I recommend: Jose Garces “The Latin Road Home” (Recipe for Cuban Sandwich)

Bucatini with Smoked Salmon and Anchovies in Saffron Cream (Recipe)

Buford Highway Farmers Market, Georgia.

Butternut Squash Glazed Tart (Recipe)

Campfire Cookery (Book)

Candied Maple-Glazed Double Smoked Bacon (Recipe)

Caramelized Tomato Tarte Tartin with Olives and Feta (With Video) (Recipe)

Carolina Coleslaw (Recipe)

Catering for the Epstein party-tomato tartin

Carrot Jam (Recipe)

Carrot Puree (Recipe)

Celeriac Gratin: Perfect for a cosy Winter’s Eve (Recipe)

Cheese and Sausage



Chicken and Mushroom Risotto (Recipe)

Chicken Pot Pie (Recipe)

Child’s Play (Recipe for Tofu in Clementine Sweet and Sour Sauce)

Chilled Lettuce Soup with Cucumber ‘Croutons’ (Recipe)

Chocolate Babka Bread Pudding

Chocolate Pudding with Sichuan Peppercorns (Recipe)

Christmas side dish; 15th Century Bacon Fraise (or Raised Bacon Pancake) (Recipe)

Cocoa Pear Crisps (Recipe)

Coconut Lemongrass Chicken with Housemade Peanut sauce

Cool, calming, Panna Cotta (Recipe)

Cool, Chocolate Chip Cookie Icebox cake

Cookbook in Kentucky; Crew lunch (Day 1)

Cookbook in Kentucky. (Days 2, 3, 4)

Crispy Duck Skin (from Chinatown) with Roasted Beets and Orange Salad (Recipe)

Cuban Sandwich (Jose Garces) (Recipe)

Curry Mee with Young Tau Foo

Dirt, Death and Dough—Jim Lahey (Recipe)

Donuts + Fried Chicken = Federal Donuts, Philadephia. (With Recipe!)

Doughnuts, from “Dough” in Bed-Stuy, NY.

Dry-Brined Roast Chicken with Lemon, Garlic and Shallots (Recipe)


Eggs en Cocotte (Hot Baked Eggs in Cream) (Recipe)

Ex-Top Chef Ty-lör’s New Dinner Series in New York (Asian BBQ!).

Croissant, stuffed with Prosciutto.

Easy Ham and Onion Dumplings in Cheesy Garlic Sauce (Recipe)

Easy Roast Lamb (Baaa none) (Recipe)

Fava Bean Soup (Recipe)

Fette Sau BBQ

Figgy Pudding with Traditional English Custard (Recipe)

Fijian Kokoda (Cool Coconut Ceviche Soup) (Recipe) 

For Dinner, and then for School Lunch the next day. Apple Meatloaf: 2 Ways. (Recipe) 

France, the farmhouse, Paris

Fried Green Tomatoes at the High Country Grill, Bozeman, Montana. (Recipe)

Gluten Free Pasta (Recipe)

Goat’s Butter

Good Cookery

Googy-Egg (Recipe)

Green and Red Tomato Chutney (Recipe)

Gumbo Z’Herbes, Brooklyn style (emulated from Mrs Leah Chase, New Orleans)

Gumbo Z’herbes. The birthday dinner for 12.

Halloween Drinks, for Adults. (Recipes)

Hand pressed walnut oil (Huile de noix)

Hog Island Sweetwater Oysters

Hojaldras de Jamon y Queso

Homemade Pasta Linguine with Truffle Cream Carbonara (Recipe)

Hot Cross Buns (Recipe)

Hot Crunchy Fried Chicken, from Red Rooster—Harlem (Recipe)

Hot dog and Creme Fraiche Mashed Potatoes (Recipe)

House Smoked Bacon and Sweet Honey Nectarines. (Recipes from Chef Michael Symons)

How to make Challah Bread. By Clarice Malach, (who’s been making it every week for almost 80 years). (Recipe and Video How-to) 

How to… Make your Own Homemade Butter (Recipe)

How to make your own Ketchup Get happy; fill your pantry with something you might normally buy. Make your own Ketchup. (Recipe)

How to… Make Your Own Spruce Tip Honey (Recipe from Hungry Ghost Food + Travel Blog)

How to… Make your own Worcestershire Sauce (Recipe)

Hmm. Now what would Prince Charles eat? (Recipe) 

I find Scottish farmhouse cookery book in the french farmhouse

I spend 3 hours at Grande Epicerie De Paris, the food supermarket at Le Bon Marché

I (scream!) cake (Recipe)

I went to the market on Friday and all that was there were… apples!

I wish I lived in the golden age of spirits

Ice-cream layer cake (Recipe)

“In their place” Breanne and Ed Ender. Ranchers. Ovando, Montana.

In their place” Jen Hall’s Aunty Maud and the Milk Lollies. Toowoomba, Australia. (Recipe)

“In Their Place”— The South of France; Macon York; Homemade Cocoa Cinnamon Muesli. (Recipe)

Individual Mussel Packets (Recipe)

James Beard’s Treasury of Outdoor Cooking, 1960

Jim Lahey’s New Book: “My Pizza”— photographed by Squire Fox.

Key Lime Pie, by Night

Kimchi Mayonnaise (Recipe)

Kimchi Potato Gratin (Recipe)

“Korean” Slow Roasted Pork Shoulder (Recipe)

Lamb chops (and slow roasted summer tomatoes) (Recipe)

Lamb in Garlic Anchovy Dressing and Potato Chip “Butty” (Recipe)

Lardo Pizza (Recipe)

Latkes with Apple Sauce and Cream (Recipe)

Leche Merengada (Chilled Spanish Eggnog) (Recipe)

Leftover ham (Recipe)

Leftover lamb (Recipe)

Leftovers; Christmas Hash (Recipe)

Lemonade (Recipe)

Lemon-y Broccoli Stem Puree (Recipe)

Los Guarachez de Don Shuy, Tucson, Arizona.

Love + Beauty + Good Food = Shane & Addys (Recipes)

Lox with Lemon Creme Fraiche and Caviar (Recipe)

Lucky Peach Magazine- Launches.


Maggie Ruggiero’s Homemade Wine (Recipe)

Maple Ginger Hot Buttered Rum; (Jen Causey)

Merry Christmas

Mini Sweet Potato Latkes with Sriracha-Creme Fraiche (Recipe)

Monday Lunch

Monte’s Ham

My bike

My chicken

My Mother’s Anzac Biscuits (Recipe)

My polaroid wall (things I’ve eaten, seen, captured)

Navigating the world of… Broccoli Stems (Recipe)

Nectarine and Basil-Infused Shortbread Tart (Recipe)

Neon Brights!

‘No mayonnaise’ Potato Salad (with Steak) (Recipe)

Northern Spy Food Co. Kale Salad.

Once Bitten

One Cup o’ Joe >> to Woah! (Recipes)

Omelette for Claire

Orphan Christmas (Recipes)

Oyster Dressing (or Stuffing) (Recipe)

Panna Cotta with Cinnamon Tomato ‘Jam’ (Recipe)

Panna Cotta with Lemon-Thyme Peaches (Recipe)

Panna Cotta with Maple and Black Walnuts (Recipe)


Pasta-palooza! (Recipes)

Pear “Une jolie-laide”

Perigueux and the free range chicken

Pie Charts

Plum Clafoutis

Poached Chicken for Sunday Dinner. Then the rest of the week—covered. (Recipes) 

Poached Chicken (Recipe)

Polaroids (my favorite art)

Poppycock! (Recipe) 

Poppyseed and Smoked Duck with Mint and Dried Apricots (Recipe)

Pork-a-palooza! (Korean Style) (Recipes)

Plum Pudding


Preserving Summer; A Chutney-Making Party (Recipe)

Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls (Recipe from the Baked Elements Cookbook) 

Quick Prep Monday, for a decadent dinner Tuesday (Recipe) 


Raw Romanesco Cauliflower Salad (Recipe)

Red Hook Food Vendors

Rhea’s Apple Pie (Recipe)

Roasted Delicata Squash (Recipe)

Roasted Tomato Soup (Recipe)

Roasted Turkey with Turkey Meatballs, Chuck Hughes (Recipe)

Roberta’s Arugula, Gorgonzola and Black Currant Pizza, with Market Corn Salad

Rosemary and Potato Bread, Montana

Salted Caramel Apple Pie, from “Four and Twenty Blackbirds” (Recipe)

Scandinavia in New York?

Scott Peacock’s Classic Buttermilk Biscuits (Recipe)

Seared Duck Breast with buttery Lentil Rice, Dried Sweet Dates, Grilled Eggplant and Fresh Mint (Recipe) 

Sentiments. Exchanged on a rainy day.

Shaved Rhubarb Salad (Recipe) 

Salt-Baked Carrots and Beets (Recipe from Chef Seamus Mullen) 

Salted caramel custard

Simple early dinner

Slow-roasted strawberries (Recipe)

Snack inventiveness; Fruit leather from Marlow and Sons (Recipe)

Soup Art

Soups. Light but hearty. Martha Stewart Living

Southern Sun Tea (Recipe)

Soy-Citrus Dressing

Spicy Chipotle Baby Back Ribs (Recipe)

Spicy Roasted Okra (Recipe)

Spring is here! Rhubarb Sabayon

Sweet Chilled Pea Soup with Crumbled Goats Cheese (Recipe)

Sweet Pea Crostini (Recipe)

Sweet Potatoes Anna with Pork-Soaked Prunes (Recipe)


Stecca with Sun-Dried Tomato and  Two Cheese Spread with Arugula (Recipe)

Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp, from the “Back in the Day Bakery” Cookbook (Recipe)

Street Food. (Literally)

St Nicholas Day Feast

Summer! (East Coast and West Coast) (Recipe for Green Smoothie)

Summer BBQ

Survival food. (Sierra Nevada)

Swedish Meatballs (Recipe) 

Taking Summer into Winter (Tomatoes)

Tempura Edible Flowers, (what a great idea!) Plus Chinese Tea Eggs, and Tea Salt. (Recipe from Hungry Ghost Food + Travel Blog)

Tepary Beans, Cholla Buds, Prickly Pear Glaze. (Native American food)

Test driving a Kentucky Soy Sauce, on the streets of New York.

Test Shoot on a hot July day. What to feed the crew? (Recipe)

Thanksgiving Gravy (Martha Stewart Living) 

Thanksgiving in Montana (Recipes)

Thanksgiving Oyster Dressing (or Stuffing) (Recipe)

The 2 year old Dried Fruit Mince-Cooked!

The Bourdeilles dinner for locals

“The Bridge” 6/29 Catering Gig

The dinner for locals (Bourdeilles)

The early Fall dinner

The Epstein Catering gig.

The Local Butcher Shop, San Francisco

The Purple Yam; Daily Kimchi, Adobo dishes, Heirloom Tomato Ice-cream.

That’s offaly sweet of you.

The outtakes

The Summer Series (Vol 2. California)

The Summer Series. (Vol 1. Colorado)

The Summer Series (Vol. 3) Michigan (Recipe for Venison Burgers, Venison Jerky) 

Tofu Sticks in Sticky Sweet and Sour Clementine Sauce (Recipe)

Uncorned beef

Watermelon with Oysters?

Weather (Recipe)

Weekend in the country…

Whale Spotting! (Recipe)

What Charlie Ate; A Simple Soft Boiled Egg (Recipe)

What Charlie Ate; Cereal

What Charlie Ate; Korv Och Potatismos (Recipe)

What Charlie Ate; Swedish Christmas (Julbord) and Hanukkah (Recipes)

What Charlie Ate; Swedish Pickled Cucumber

What Charlie Ate; Swedish waffles, with fresh Cream, Jam and fresh Raspberries. (Recipe) 

What I’m obsessed with now (# 367) The Brooklyneer!

What I’m obsessed with now. (#368) Sigmund’s Pretzels!

What to do with Ramps? Make Ramp Pesto! (Recipe)

What to make this weekend: Shelled Pea and Asparagus Risotto, (with a twist). (Recipe)

What’s Hot in Sydney, Australia— Right now

What’s Hot in Sydney right now. (Pure Pops)

Where to eat in Sydney right now: Wilbur’s Place!

When in a pickle: Experiment!

Where you should be eating Brunch right now in New York (Vandaag has closed since writing this post)

White Chocolate Panna Cotta with Ground Lemon Myrtle Leaf and Poached Apricots (Recipe)

Who you calling a Samurai Mama?

Whole Smoked Heritage Pig, on Pancakes.

Wood-Smoked Turkey (Josh Vogel) (Recipe)

Yamba Prawns (Australia) (Recipe)

Zucchini Tart. A Seasonal Shift Up from an ordinary Quiche. (Recipe)

Zucchini Skin Sauce (Recipe)


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